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Divvy My Dollars

Budget Without Connecting to Your Bank Account

Are you tired of always having to link your bank account when creating an online budget?

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Our Features

Easily Manage Your Budget

Quickly create a budget for the month. Deciding where your money needs to go can help prevent you from impulse spending.

An overview of your Budget for the month is available on the Dashboard to provide you visibility to see how you are doing with your budget.

Track Expenses By Paycheck

Easily see what bills are due and which paycheck will need to cover them. No more surprises and overdraft fees!

View multiple months in advance to keep you on top of your financial goals.

Track Your Bills

Stop manually entering recurring bills every month, over and over again.

Add them once and Divvy My Dollars will bring them into the Expenses by Paycheck page for you!

Divvy My Dollars handles Weekly, Every so often, Monthly, and Annual bills.

Monitor Your Debts

Keep track of all yours Debts in one place! Student Loan, Credit Card, Cars, Medical, etc.

Create a Debt Plan

Use the Debt Plan to figure out the quickest way to becoming Debt Free!

This tool takes the Debts you've entered and creates a timeline to show you how to become Debt Free!

Peace of Mind

No Bank Integration

Wait, what?!

You read that right.

Divvy My Dollars doesn't connect to your bank account. This puts you in the driver's seat with your finances.

Less Personal Info

We collect LIMITED information about you.

Identity theft is a big problem, which is why we collect the least amount of personally identifiable information about you as possible.

PCI Compliant

With your security in mind, we utilize a major payment processor for processing your subscription.

By staying PCI compliant, we are able to provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind for you when using our services.

What People Are Saying

"Figuring out how to pay down my debt was so confusing! With Divvy, I can project how extra payments impact how quickly I can pay off debt, making the goal seem more attainable. The budget and bill reminders keep my goals in plain sight. The site is user friendly and has helped me better understand my finances!"

"I started using Divvy because I have a hard time budgeting my money. I have tried several approaches but nothing seemed to be working. It helps keep me organized and it’s encouraged me to pay off loans quicker.

Divvy My Dollars has helped me pay off one huge medical bill and save about $100 monthly just because I am able to visualize my spending all in one place. I will always recommend Divvy My Dollars to anyone who is struggling with their finances!"


"I’ve been working to pay off debt and getting my credit score up! Ever since Divvy, I haven’t missed a payment or forgotten about a bill! I was pretty good at letting my account go negative in the past. Having such a helpful site to sign on to and update within a few minutes has been great. From the tools in the site to the graphs and everything being broke down, it has honestly been a financial relief and has helped me save money, knowing where it’s all going!

Since using Divvy My Dollars, I have paid of all but one of my Debts, and my credit score has risen over 100 points. Thanks, Divvy!"


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